Mutani is a rebellion marked against the oppressive and exploitative nature of the fashion industry, alongside the capitalocene that has broken our imaginations and blocked the formation of creative spirit.

To subvert this system we are staging a creative coup; inviting and onboarding a digital fashion “unitive” to drive actions between the most radical fashion designers and digital creators of our time. This curated network is aimed at producing digital fashion that galvanises players to explore raw acts of self-expression in games and the metaverse.

Our goal is to be the premier source for the most far-out fashion in the cyber-scene.

The game-ready assets we develop are listed on specialised blockchain platforms, with the profits equitably distributed amongst our contributors. In this way, we aim to help members of our unitive to achieve creative and financial emancipation that feeds back into real world realisation.

Mutani is in development, so if you want to join our digital fashion unitive or hear our secrets, smack that subscribe-button!

For press, projects and all other interrogations throw us an email at